Pic of Enda GuinanHello! This started as my blog for the Open University course, H808, ‘The eLearning Professional’, but now I’ve expanded its remit to include posts about my work as Assistive Technology Advisor with the Access Office at National University of Ireland, Maynooth. I’m currently completing H809: Practice-based research in educational technology, another module in the MA in Online and Distance Education.

My research interests include accessibility in online learning, the impact of assistive technology on learner independence, the application of mainstream and emerging technologies in higher education, and the implementation of good practice in the application of technology in teaching and learning.

Publications & Presentations

  • [with Claire McAvinia] ‘Digital Documentation; Making it as accessible as possible’ ‘AHEAD 20th Annual Conference. 29th October 2008.
  • Supporting digital natives and digital immigrants; embracing change in how Access supports non-traditional students’. Virtual supports for Real Students; The 11th Biennial Conference, Confederation of Student Services in Ireland. 26th June 2008.
  • [with Claire McAvinia] ‘Good Practice in Digital Documents’ Workshop. Virtual supports for Real Students; The 11th Biennial Conference, Confederation of Student Services in Ireland.  26th June 2008.
  • [with Emer Sheerin] ‘”It did exactly what it said on the tin!”: How a one-week essay-writing course influences three years of college life for mature students’ The 2nd European Conference on the First Year Experience, Gothenburg, Sweden. 10 May 2007
  • ‘At cross purposes. How a mismatch of expectation hampers school-university collaboration’ The 15th EAN Annual Conference: The Social Role of Universities: Reaching out to the Community, Thessaloniki, Greece. 1 September 2006. Paper available in Ferrier, F. and Heagney, M. (eds) Higher Education in Diverse Communities: Global Perspectives Local Initiatives 2008 HEA/EAN
  • Grammar-to-Go: English Writing for Students – for Everyone [Book]. NUI Maynooth, 2000.

7 responses to “About

  1. Hello Enda,

    This is Ann Wallace from H808. I find your blogsite very energising – just like your posts during H808! As soon as I can find the time to sit and create my own, I will certainly benchmark it off of yours.

    Best of luck with H809.


  2. Such a heartening comment!

    Thanks, Ann.

  3. Hi there
    am now following your blog…..may shout for some help on my H810 ECA if that’s ok?

  4. Well, hi there T.

    Just updated this thing for the first time in a while – what a coincidence!

    Of course if I can be of help, let me know!

  5. very interesting and happy for you

  6. At least mine has cats 😉

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