I’m off…

Leargan August 2010

Originally uploaded by Enda P

Time for a little closure.

As of last week, I’m no longer formally involved in academia. A week ago I submitted my final assignment for the Open University so fingers crossed I’ll shortly have a Higher Diploma in Online and Distance Education.

Just a year ago, I took special incentivised leave from NUI Maynooth for a whopping three years and this allowed me to be in London full time.

When I began here, blogging was the way to reach out to peers, experts and those who just appeared through serendipity. I think it has, for my purposes, been very much superseded by Twitter.

So, time to put this poor neglected blog out of its misery.

For the next couple of years I’ll be exploring some creative pursuits. I’ll probably not stray a million miles away from learning, particularly technology-enhanced learning (not that I could seeing as so many fellow tech travellers are with me on Twitter!).

To all who commented, shared and encouraged, thank you very much.

You can find me at my popculture blog as Daddy or Chips? or join me on Twitter.

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