Name our new home!

The NUIM Access Office has a new home next to the Student Services Building, and we need your help to give us a name.

Think of a name for the building that captures the idea of access, inclusiveness, equality, progress or other very positive concepts. Don’t be afraid to be a little out there with your suggestions either (we’re a little out there ourselves after all).

Send your suggestion to me here or to before September 18th 2008 and maybe your creativity will give us a name we can live with (and in)!

5 responses to “Name our new home!

  1. How about the Access shack? Or Map Box,

  2. Hmmm, there’s something quite catchy about MAP Box!

    For non-NUIM readers, ‘MAP’ stands for ‘Maynooth Access Programme’. And it opens up lots of punning possibilities, no doubt!

    Oh, and we looked at ‘Matures Access Disability House’, but realised what it would be shortened to ha ha!

  3. ealach isteach

    we’re talking about being a path through the gates, right?

  4. ‘Bealach isteach’ is neat. Maybe we could have some wordplay with ‘teach’ there too.

    Thanks Ira!

  5. lots of possible font games possible

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