Text-to-speech – to speak?

I am a laryngectomee and cannot speak except with a Servox electronic gizmo. Do you know of any software that will instantaneously convert my keystrokes to spoken word with both reasonable volume and natural tone? Everything I read about text-to-speech seems to be about mobile phone SMS or dyslexia, and local computer stores are useless.
Steve Rowlands 

Necessity is the mother of invention. People do find amazing things to do with technology.



3 responses to “Text-to-speech – to speak?

  1. Just a suggestion, you can do this free from any PC with WordTalk, among other things. WordTalk is especially good because you can take advantage of the Auto-Correct function in MS Word to build your own Quick-Key vocabulary. (I type “mdleg” to get “Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth/Rehabilitation Services” for example.)

    Taking this mobile requires a bit more, but the best system is an AAC device called Cyrano (about $1,600 US) – anything you type on the system-supplied mobile is spoken in great voices by a speaker that comes packaged in a small case with the phone.

  2. YAKiToMe! is a free website that turns any electronic text into an audio file (mp3 or wav). It reads in 4 different languages with high-quality male and female voices. It’s very easy to use and feature rich (pronunciation controls, reading speed, private and public libraries and groups, etc.). Although conversion is quite fast (entire books can be converted in minutes), it does not read in real time. It is accessible from pretty much anywhere since it’s a website and doesn’t require any software download and installation.

  3. Thanks for the link Sam. It looks quite useful (but perhaps less so for the laryngectomee) especially for some of our students. I’ll investigate!

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