‘Push that rock, Sisyphus!’ or ‘The Futility of the MAODE’?


Sisyphus pushing a rock up a hillThe potential of the technology to serve a different kind of learning cannot be exploited by an academic community that clings only to what it knows. The academy, with respect to the professional practice of teaching, is not a reflective practicum. There is no progress, therefore, in how we teach, despite what might be possible with the new technology. Laurillard, 2002

Research, not teaching, is rewarded in universities. Therefore, little energy is invested by academics in their teaching as there is little incentive to do so. This remains the true today despite various efforts to promote Teaching & Learning. The implication for the implementation then of ‘elearning’ technologies is somewhat bleak.

Translation: Laurillard reckons that we are wasting our time with technology or whatever in terms of T&L, but those of us in H809 might be spared!

(I found this article a very good way to put some context on Laurillard’s Conversational Framework, which until tonight, was a very abstract thing lost in a sea of many other abstract things.)


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