H809: Reading 4: Laurillard

Frustrated woman at computerThis article captured my attention as I’ve just finished writing a paper on the failure of an elearning initiative between my university and a post-primary school. (In fact, many of the articles have hit a sore point since I finished writing, as I grimace when I read the criticism of papers with flimsy premises or so-small-it’s-meaningless test groups!)

I agree with Laurillard’s assertion that the ability of elaerning to improve learning is pretty much beyond discussion at this stage. In fact, the term ‘elearning’ itself is pretty redundant. Is it not just ‘learning’ at this stage? Aren’t books technology?  She laments the inability to build an ‘optimal infrastructure’ that ultimately restrains educators/innovators to be able to report success. There is a certain sense of frustration in her article that if only we could accept the obvious, that elearning works, then we might take the ‘leap of faith’ to provide proper infrastructure.

The word ‘improve’ rather than ‘support’ or ‘change’  implies that it is already well-established that elearning enhances learning. The author provides a comprehensive survey of the ways in which elearning appears to improve learning in various contexts. The suggestion is that the topic is not in question, but her point is about how the inability to support this successful endeavor is letting the whole project down.


7 responses to “H809: Reading 4: Laurillard

  1. I like the choice of ‘frustrated woman at the computer’ image, Enda.

  2. Mr Guinan,
    During a break in work I became very sentimental, and felt a sudden inexplicable urge to look for photos of my old alma mater. I’m sad and pathetic like that. The first ones I came across were yours. Just thought I’d say hello. Hope you’re keeping well.

  3. OMG!!111!! Padraig, how the devil are you? And how did you manage to stumble upon my ‘serious’ blog?

    Updates plz to enda.guinan[at] gmail.com

  4. Hi Enda,
    Yep, Laurillard touches on, and plays with some serious ideas here, but are we moved forward? I think she raises some cautions that still apply, and agree with you that we need to be careful how we use terms like ‘e-learning’…



  5. Great image! I came across this post through wordpress’ recommendations section on my own eduTech blog.

    Instructional Design is my area of interest…I will check out your blog more.

  6. Thanks for stopping by, etg, and your comments will be most welcome. E

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